LAWA code of safety for spiked shoes

  1. Spiked shoes may be worn by athletes at any Association conducted meeting, EXCLUDING relays, in the U11 and upward age groups only.
  2. Shoes will carry a maximum needle length of 7mm for synthetic track, 9mm for jumps and 12mm for grass surfaces.
  3. Spiked shoes may be worn in the following events: hurdles, 100m, 200m, 400m, high jump, javelin and from U13 upwards in long jump and triple jump. Spiked shoes are not permitted for jumps from a half metre by one metre mat.
  4. Spiked shoes must not be worn in the stand or outer areas of the track.
  5. Spiked shoes should be donned prior to the start of a race, only at the starting end of the event.
  6. At the completion of a track event, spikes must be immediately removed and carried with spikes facing inward before the athlete moves from the track.
  7. Spiked shoes should be carried with spikes/soles facing, in order to prevent accidental injury.
  8. At the completion of a field event, spiked shoes must be removed before the athlete leaves the site. Failure to observe rules 6,7 and 8 may result in disqualification.
  9. Any athlete who does not exercise care when using spikes may be disqualified from wearing spiked shoes for the remainder of the meeting or permanently as well as having his/her performances ruled invalid.
  10. Shoes with spikes must be in a safe place when not in use and not left where other people may be injured.